Are you Ready to Take on the #sophisticateddeclutter and Declutter Your Whole House In 6 Months?

You heard me correctly! It's 2020, and with a new decade comes a chance for a fresh start. I know you are busy with your day to day life so decluttering your entire home in 6 months sounds like a crazy undertaking! If you follow my step by step guide to decluttering you can on your house one room at a time and even area by area.

Are you Ready to Declutter Your Whole House In 6 Months?

One Step at a Time

Decluttering your entire home doesn't happen in a day or even over a long weekend. It takes time to refine your possessions and pare things down to the things that are either functional or you truly want in your home. This week by week guide is attainable for anyone no matter how busy your life may be. By working through your home not only one room at a time, but one category at a time, will make this daunting task seem like a piece of cake!

The Process

Each week I will share tips and tricks specific to the area we are focusing on. I will give you tips as to easy things for you to get rid of, what you should hold onto, questions you can ask yourself when decluttering, how to dispose or donate unwanted items, and so much more!

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